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Meet your dairy consumer: Megan Kenny

PD Staff Writer Tony Okon Published on 19 January 2012


HOW WE MET: I had a free pass to a gym called Charter Fitness, where a good friend of mine is a personal trainer. I bumped into Megan several times while working out at Charter Fitness that same day.



When I was leaving, I noticed she was right behind me. I turned around and sarcastically said, “Jeez, are you following me?” She laughed and said, “No, but it’s weird that we keep bumping into each other.”

I recognized the local softball team on the shirt she was wearing, and we began to talk about what neighborhood she’s from in Chicago. Then I asked her if she would answer a few questions for an ag magazine. Of course, she accepted.


Megan Kenny
Chicago, Illinois
Age: 24

When was the last time you visited a farm?
Probably when I was on a grade-school field trip. I don’t think it was a real farm though. It was more of a pumpkin patch, and there was one cow there for kids to milk.


How close have you ever been to a cow?
While I was on that field trip, I watched some of my friends milk the cow. I was scared.

What kind of cow were they milking? Was it a Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey … ?
Ummm, what? I don’t know.

What dairy products do you most frequently buy?
I usually buy 1 percent milk, low-fat yogurt, and I guess a lot of the foods I enjoy have cheese in them.

Why do you consume dairy products?
Because I think dairy products are an important part of my diet. Plus, they all usually taste good. I wouldn’t eat Oreos with water or Gatorade.

How many gallons of milk do you buy every month?
Maybe two or three.

What is a good deal for a gallon of milk?
If a gallon of milk was $1, it would be a good deal. More realistically, probably $2.50.


How much is too much to pay for a gallon of milk?

What is your favorite or most frequent time/place to consume dairy products?
Well, I usually have a glass of milk in the morning, but a lot of my favorite Italian dishes I have for dinner contain cheese.

Favorite dairy brand?
Hmm, I can’t really think of any. I like Horizon Organic’s chocolate milk boxes that I get at Starbucks sometimes.

If you were one-on-one with a dairy farmer, what question would you ask him or her?
When I was in college, my friends and I always wondered what the expiration dates on milk and cheese meant. My mom always said milk will last a few days after the date on the carton. I would ask them to clarify those dates.

What word would you use to describe the work of a dairy farmer?

Positive industry image?
I think a lot of people, including myself, know dairy products taste great and are good for you. A lot of my favorite foods come from dairy products.


Negative dairy image?
When I used to go on vacation in Wisconsin with my family and drive by some dairy farms, they smelled awful. I just wonder how clean they are and how safe they are for the environment.

Who do you trust for information about your food?
The nightly news or a newspaper. PD

How many cows are there in the average herd in your state?
Megan: 25
Correct answer: 116